January 19, 2013

Stash-busting Baby Stuffs

It would seem that I'm quite behind on posting some things.  Like these adorable baby sweaters.  I found a couple really quick / easy crochet patterns and I was aiming to do some stash busting - so off I went.

These came together really quickly and the finished product is pretty darn nice if I do say so myself.

Moogly Sweater - is cute, but not terribly practical for winter.  I think if I were to do this again - they do say that a sleeveless version is nice too - so that's where I'd be headed with this one.  For me, this one came out a bit tight and a bit small.  I made the newborn size, so I'm hoping that it will fit a newborn?  (I don't know these things).
Looks like a watermelon!

Baby Bumpy Sweater - hey, look!  A sweater for a boy that actually looks like it's for a boy!  WOO!  Came together very easy, the bumps are the easiest way I've ever seen to make bobbles AND it's darn cute!  Only complaint on this one is that the back seam is not particularly nice.  I figured out how to make it look less blech about halfway through and at the moment I have no idea what it is.  I think I decided not to count the ch3 as part of the sts and then still did a dc in the same st (just have to be careful that you're not increasing every row when you do this!)

I did miss doing a collar as I ran out of yarn

Those bobbles look awesome.

So, please forgive me for being a couple months behind on posting these.  Apparently I finished them at the beginning of December.

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Jenn said...

I really like the pink and green one! Totally looks like watermelon (at least on my screen). Don't feel bad about posting much, I haven't done an update in forever!