December 9, 2012


I made mittens once (well twice) when I was very very new to knitting.  They have holes at the top of the thumbs, they were worked flat and then sewn up - thus have an ugly side seam, and they're kind of tight.  At the time, I was like - awesome!  I made mittens!  and then I gave them to my sisters.

Then I avoided mittens like the plague - as looking back - I could see how awful the initial ones were.

That was like 4-ish years ago - and I have not made mittens since!


Being a Canadian, mittens are a staple in our winter and the capability to make matching toque / scarf / mittens is important.  So, I signed up for a Craftsy class - which I must admit - I am LOVING!  The first pattern in the class is a 5-in-1 adventure - which really just means that the pattern covers 1. mittens 2. fingerless mittens 3. convertible fingerless mittens 4. fingerless gloves 5. gloves.  phew!  So, I decided I would make convertible fingerless mittens with a convertible thumb (yes, iPhone users!  You can use your phone and keep your hands warm at the same time!  Mind. Blown.)

I got one mitten done and posted a picture on Ravelry and was incredibly excited when I received a note asking if my picture could be used for the pattern page!  Well, yes, yes, you may!  *glee!*

This is the colour they really are!

Look how goofy the thumb looks.  Only downside.

Second mitten is fini!
While I was watching the video for this class, I noticed that the instructor had the most beautiful stitch markers that I have ever seen.  So I made some.  :)

And just because I'm on the page of things that TOTALLY aren't knitted.  Here's some random crafty stuff I've done lately.  :)

Ornament wreath
Can't lie.  Got the idea from Pinterest.

Another Pinterest idea.
Menu board.
Just have to make the
recipe cards!

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Jenn said...

The Mittens are looking super good! Love the stitch markers!